Thursday, September 24, 2009

Filled with the Holy Spirit

Good Morning to everyone.
So the character from last week was... Epaphras! (Colossians 1:7-8, 4:12).

When Paul and Timothy wrote to the people of Colosse, they made mention of their pastor, and they talked about how he said the Holy Spirit was in them (Colossians). (Sorry.... typo last week).

Which brings me to our lesson (not the typo... how he talked about the Holy Spirit in others). When other people show the Holy Spirit, it isn't just a witness for them to use for God, but you can use it, too. If they're fine with it, you can always point out, "This person's a Christian, too." A non-Christian friend once told me that he could kind of tell who believed in God and who didn't.

That was lesson a. Lesson b is that the people of Colosse were so filled with the Spirit that people could see it. And when Paul sees something he likes, he thanks God for it. Then he and Timothy say they pray for them, that they'll have knowledge of God's will and walk in His path. I hope and pray when I walk through the halls of school that people see the Holy Spirit in me before they see me, and that the same thing happens for every Christian in my school and in other schools across this country of ours.

So onto next week. I had it all planned out for today, but then last night as I was doing devotions, this guy was too cool to leave alone.
-Biblical metal man! (bronze)
-brought visions to Ezekiel
-told Ezekiel to tell Israel everything he'd seen

I just thought the whole metal man thing was cool. It took me a little while to get over how well the Bible had prophesied of the Wizard of Oz (although he is tin... maybe Transformers?), but I think I got the basic gist of the vision, which is the poll question for this morning.

I said yesterday that Kiara was taking a temporary leave from the blog, and tomorrow I have a good friend of ours doing a Bible Study. Nicole has been friends with Kiara since they were in kindergarten (or possibly earlier), and we've been friends for about four years now. She started a Bible Club in our school, and she was the one who brought me to Christ. I'm sure that the Lord will speak through her and bless her through this as much as He has to me.

In His Service,

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