Statement of Faith

At Rocktalk951, We Believe…
God is all powerful and exists in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit. They work as a team to rule the world with love, justice and mercy. (Isaiah 40:25, Malachi 2:10, Luke 1:35, John 14:26)

He used prophets and scribes throughout history to write the Holy Bible to be the final word on life. We should refer and think about it for advice on everything, including boy/girl relationships, friendships, how to spend our money, what to do with our lives, and general everyday choices, before we go to teen magazines that promote things other than God. Everything from Genesis to Revelation is the inspired Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

We as humans are sinners and have each fallen short of the Glory of God, worthy to spend the rest of eternity in the “Lake of Fire”. But this was changed when Jesus came to Earth (see Jesus and Salvation) (Romans 6:23)

Jesus came down from heaven of His own will, lived a sinless life, and then was sacrificed on the cross for the sins of man. After crucified, he rose again after three days and rose in body to Heaven. He is the only way to Heaven. (pick a gospel, any gospel)

Salvation is attained by believing upon Christ and pronouncing with your mouth that Jesus is Christ. Only through acknowledgment of this fact may we be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven to spend all of eternity with God. (John 3:16)

Our Lord God created all the universe in six 24-hour days. (Genesis 1:1-31) We were created in His image. By eating the forbidden apple, Adam and Eve orchestrated the Fall of Man, making it necessary for a Savior. (Genesis 3:6)

Sin means rebellion against the Word of God (Bible). This includes any sexual immorality (everybody’s favorite topic) and not acting lovingly towards God and our neighbor. (1 John 3:4)

Jesus gave us two great commandments to judge any of our own actions by: to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbor as ourselves. (Matthew 22:37-40)

All prophecies made in Revelation will come true in the ‘end times’, when Jesus comes to Earth again. God demonstrated that He knew what He was talking about when things came out exactly as He told His prophets they would thoughout the Old Testament. (example: Exodus chapter 8)

God is faithful to His people. He led them out of Egypt by a miracle (parting the Red Sea, Exodus 14: 16, 21), and will bring us out of whatever trouble we may be facing. (Psalms 91:15)

We are doing this bible study because we know how hard it is to be Christians in today’s world, especially in high school, and we believe that God has called us to do this daily Bible Study. We want to encourage and help those who are trying to minister to their communities in any way we can.