Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obscure Biblical Character!

So, the point of the Obscure Biblical Character Night is to show how God works through the little people, and how many there are of them. The character will always be in one of the 66 books of the Bible, and will be able to teach us something. As it is obscure, for the first time I must say, JESUS IS NOT THE ANSWER! We'll go back to the normal way of thinking tomorrow. Most likely, it will not be a name that people first think of when they think of Bible characters. It will be the people around them that encouraged them in the Lord, and that helped them.

I'll give the clues tonight and when you think you have your guess, enter it into the poll where you think the character is from. I will reveal the answer next Wednesday.

This character
-took care of a widow; gave her something to drink while she worked in the fields, told her to stay near the other women, and made sure none of the men would bother her

-bought land from the widow's (former) mother in law

-then married this widow

He is from one of these books


2 Kings



We had some technical difficulties yesterday, but Kiara's post was put up 8:30ish last night, and it is amazing. I hope and pray that both it and everything else we do in this blog be a blessing to you and pleasing words to the one true living God!

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