Sunday, June 27, 2010

PSA for July

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everybody know that there will be no Bible Study posts from July 1st until August 16th. During this time, I'm going to be doing some praying and thinking about the future of the Bible Study.

One idea that I had was, because this Bible Study has been based around the school year, trying to do a 'read through the Bible in a school year' thing, starting in September and ending in June at some point. I would have to design a program (thus I have a month and a half) to figure this out, and I would post the chapters and then the post would focus on a major theme from that day's chapters.

If you have any ideas about this, or some other idea that you think would be good (or even if you think that our current system of Random Chapter Day, Encouragement Day... would be good), email me at .

May God bless and protect you this summer,

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