Monday, May 17, 2010

Love and Anger Are Not Opposites

Nahum 1:2-3
God is jealous, and the LORD avenges;
The LORD avenges and is furious.
The LORD will take vengeance on His adersaries,
And He reserves wrath for His enemies;
The LORD is slow to anger and great in power,
And will not at all acquit the wicked.
The LORD has His way
In the whirlwind and in the storm,
And the clouds are the dust of His feet.

Good morning. So, remember that verse that says 'God is love'? This is really the same God. You can't just read verse 2 and then not verse 3 of this passage, or you won't understand who God is.

God is slow to anger, but He's also very strong and powerful. He may be slow to anger, but He does get angry at His enemies in righteous anger.

Whether or not you want to believe in this part of God, He exists. He is love, but He also has that contrast of anger at His enemies. But remember: anger and love are not opposites.

Just because God is angry at His enemies doesn't mean He doesn't still love them. It means that God will defend Himself and His people against those who are against Him. Don't be against Him. He's a great and loving God. This is a verse that makes people say: the sinners tremble and the saints triumph. If you are saved by Christ, you're safe from God's wrath and revenge. If you're not saved by Christ, then now you now what to do. (The prayer is on the last post, so scroll down).

In His Service,

Response Question: What would you say to someone who wasn't a Christian, and was asking you about this verse?

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