Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There are

Ezra 10:1-4
Now while Ezra was praying, and while he was confessing, weeping, and bowing down before the house of God, a very large assembly of men, women, and children gathered to him from Israel; for the people wept very bitterly. And Shechaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, spoke up and said to Ezra, “We have trespassed against our God, and have taken pagan wives from the peoples of the land; yet now there is hope in Israel in spite of this. Now therefore, let us make a covenant with our God to put away all these wives and those who have been born to them, according to the advice of my master and of those who tremble at the commandment of our God; and let it be done according to the law. Arise, for this matter is your responsibility. We also are with you. Be of good courage, and do it.”

"Father, thank You for these words, and for the many gifts in our lives. There are people, Father, who understand that they are doing wrong, and they want to come to You and fix it. Give us the strength to help these people find You and You alone, God. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
Ezra was really torn up over Israel's sin of marrying pagan wives. So he was praying to God about it, and then, all of a sudden, these people come in and need Ezra to help them make a covenant with God, because they felt guilty for doing these things.
So how is this encouraging? Not only did God work in some hearts, but there are people in Israel (and today) who are looking for God. Not every non-Christian is a horrible person who can't come to God. Everyone around us has a chance and opportunity to find God. And many of them look for Him.
In His Service,
Response Question (sorry, haven't done these in awhile): Do you agree with my last few statements? Do you think that some non-Christians are looking for God?

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