Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Was God Mean to His People?

So the Obscure Biblical Character is... Jeremiah!

Sorry, I never realized how vague that one was... I'll have to fix that. Thank you for voting, though.

Jeremiah 2:9-13
Therefore, I will bring my case against you,”
says the Lord.
“I will even bring charges against your children’s children
in the years to come.
“Go west and look in the land of Cyprus;
go east and search through the land of Kedar.
Has anyone ever heard of anything
as strange as this?
Has any nation ever traded its gods for new ones,
even though they are not gods at all?
Yet My people have exchanged their glorious God
for worthless idols!
The heavens are shocked at such a thing
and shrink back in horror and dismay,”
says the Lord.
“For My people have done two evil things:
They have abandoned Me—
the fountain of living water.
And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns
that can hold no water at all!

You know how some people say that they aren't Christians because of the evil things God does in the Old Testament (evil in their eyes. It was actually His loving punishment. He thought that it would be better to suffer punishment now and come back to Him and not go to hell than if they went to hell, is my guess). This is their verse.

God is talking about how His people went and worshiped things that weren't gods. Their God was more glorious and perfect than any idol, but they still wanted their idols. God says that His people did two evil things: abandoned Him, 'the fountain of living water' and made themselves cracked cisterns that can't even hold water, let alone shoot out living water*. He's astonished by this. He can't believe it.

*Why does God care that His people made cracked cisterns? Isn't the idolatry worse? The cisterns are a metaphor, I think. They not only rejected God, but they replaced Him with something that couldn't even hold water, let alone save them if needed.

So this week's Obscure (but hopefully not as vague) Biblical Character:
-She's in the book of Genesis
-Her sister is known for how much their husband loved her
-She was the first wife, but only by her father's tricks

Have a great rest of the week with the Lord.
In His Service,


rocktalk951 said...

What's your answer when someone says to you "The Old Testament wasn't really a loving God"?

Anonymous said...

It's kinda like your parents correcting you when you've done something wrong. It feels mean and punishing, but it is done with love to protect you from further harm later on.