Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Choosing Friends David-Style

1 Chronicles 12:16-18
Then some of the sons of Benjamin and Judah came to David at the stronghold. And David went out to meet them, and answered and aid to them, “If you have come peaceably to me to help me, my heart will be united with you; but if to betray me to my enemies, since there is no wrong in my hands, may the God of our fathers look and bring judgment.” Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, chief of the captains, and he said:
“We are yours, O David; we are on your side, O son of Jesse! Peace, peace to you, and peace to your helpers! For your God helps you.”
So David received them, and made them captains of the troop.

So this passage is about how we choose those around us (friends, allies in war, et cetera). David had a lot to lose, here. He was hiding from Saul, who wanted to kill him. These guys could be spies, or they could be friends. David’s life and the lives of the mighty men hang on David’s decision on whether or not to trust them.

So what does David do? Does he promise that if they come in peace, he will unite with them? Does he ask God for judgment? Yeah, he does.

And God answers! Now, God answering this time was actually speaking through one of the chiefs. But He speaks in many ways, from the words of friends to the stories and testimonies in church.

David had promised that if they were good, he would unite with them. God had given him an answer. So what does David do? Go off and have his mighty men shoot at them with the bows and use both the right hand and the left in hurling stones? (earlier in the chapter)

No, he receives them, and puts them in command of his troops. David had to make an important decision about who his friends were, he asked God to make a decision, and then he listened to God and trusted them.

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