Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christ isn't afraid

“Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the LORD your God and Him only you shall serve.”

“Why do you reason about these things in your hearts? Which is easier, to say to the paralytic ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk?’ But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.”

“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”

“Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”

“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. For indeed the days are coming in which they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, wombs that never bore, and the breasts which never nursed!’ Then they will begin ‘to say to the mountains, “Fall on us!” and to the hills, “Cover us!” For if they do these things in the green wood, what will be done in the dry?”

“Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit’.”

(Matthew 4:10, Mark 2:8-10, John 8:7, Luke 22:48, Luke 23:28-31, Luke 23:46)

So: my usual reminder is to not use these verses out of context for spiritual purposes. I’ve used these here for the same reason we use quotes from historical figures: they show pieces of their hearts, but we can’t fully understand them unless put into context.

So we’re talking about how Jesus wasn’t afraid to do whatever He was called to do while He was here on Earth.
The third verse is from my favorite Jesus story ever. (I might have talked about this before.) Imagine this: you were caught in sin, and your pastor and deacons were about to kill you for it, and they bring you in to the church, and ask this traveling teacher what to do with you. He tells them that if they haven’t sinned, to go ahead and stone you. Then they start to trickle out. And the teacher finally looks up, and he asks you ‘Where’d they all go? Haven’t people condemned you?” Your response is ‘No one, sir.” “Neither do I condemn you; you and sin no more,” is His response. How would you be feeling right then?

And the last two verses are from the crucifixion. He isn’t afraid of death at all. He’s about to die, and His response to those who are crying is words of encouragement. Then he says, that He’s going to His Father, and dies. (You know the rest)

In His Service,

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