Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another beautiful morning that our Lord has created for us!

So last week's character. One person got it right (nice job to everybody... worshipped idols was a very good response for Old Testament characters). The character was Adonijah. He was one of David's sons, and he tried to take over when David was too old to know what was going on. But Nathan the Prophet and Bathsheba came up with a plan to tell David, (all in 1 Kings chapter 1) and when David found out he declared Solomon king, like he promised. While he was doing this, Adonijah was having a party/meeting gaining support for himself as king (think political rally), but 'Zadok the priest, Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, Nathan the prophet, Shimei, Rei, and the mighty men who belonged to David were not with Adonijah.'. (1 Kings 1:8)

At this party, they were making sacrifices to God. So what's the big deal? They were doing God's will, weren't they?

If they wanted to do God's will and have Him on their side, why didn't they invite Zadok the priest or especially Nathan the prophet? Nathan had been with Adonijah's dad for forever! Nathan knew the word of God.
I think that's why they didn't invite them. They wanted to please God, but they didn't really feel like doing His will. So how do we relate this to our lives?

Have you ever met someone who went to church, youth group, and whatever else, and talked about God and prayed and everything, and then you saw them outside of church and they didn't want anything to do with God? They didn't want to do His Will or know His plan. My pastor calls that 'putting your time in on Sunday'. How does that behavior influence others for Christ? And more importantly: do you really think that God sees the sacrifices and is so pleased He's willing to ignore the fact that they don't think or talk about Him any other day? He'll be pleased, but He'll still realize what you're covering up.

So: now that that one's done, I have this next week's.

The character is
-called to preaching
-preached the gospel to the people of his city
-so full of the Holy Spirit that people can see it

The word 'gospel' narrows it down, but I'll bring it a little better for you. Since it's a pastor, both the first and second of an epistle should work.

He is in either

Have a blessed day, and I'll talk to everybody again on Saturday for Encouragement Night.

In His Service,

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